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Lunedì, 27 Settembre 2021
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Giovedì 06 Maggio 2021 21:02



If some Kiwanians feel threatened when they regularly receive positive, educational information about their Kiwanis Children’s Fund, it seems to me that it is time to rethink the purpose and reason for being Kiwanian.

We know how important our KCF is to give children a spark of hope, a light to see the future.

KCF in Europe proves to achieve this goal with its first social action. Giving children a chance for health, strength for knowledge and wisdom and being able to go to school with a full stomach.

Children need Kiwanis is not a simple saying, but a daily task of every Kiwanian.

Together we will see Friendship as Fun, Fellowship as energy for Fundraising.

KCF realizes that together with strong partners an even greater positive future for children can be created.

Together we go for it!
Filipe Delanote


Thanks to our joint effort, we will be able to reach our common goal of offering 3,000 pairs of warm winter shoes to needy kids in Romania in less than 4 months. 

The last published statistics showed us that we actually have the finances to purchase over 2,700 pairs of shoes. Should we, depending on your agreement, still have donations at our disposal, couldn’t we then use these funds to purchase warm winter clothes too?

There is still a small effort required and then we made it! We count on you and on your generosity.

Let’s try all together with our relief action to facilitate the Romanian kids the way to school and thus to a better future.


Aiutaci ad informarti meglio visitando il sito: www.rivistalagazzettaonline.info  

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